The Sports Club

Real Team. Real Utility. Real Sports.
This is the HOME of all SPORTS LOVERS.
Our mission is to create connections through Sports. The vision of The Sports Club is to add excitement to all web3 Sports lovers through Sports games and experiences that are managed by The Sports Club and other premium DAOs in a decentralized way.
The Sports vertical in web3 is growing thanks to its natural ability to create real engagement and connection with the real world. Our games will facilitate this growth and The Sports Club will spearhead the greatest Web3 sports network through partnerships and synergies with like-minded projects.

Decentralized Sports and eSports Prediction Games

Sports Prediction Games are DAO-managed leagues (= decentralized) where participants play vs other players, guessing the results of IRL sports events, esports and Web3 trends to win prizes.
The Sports Club also organizes regular tournaments among DAOs.
You can play our games here:
  • Players vs Players
  • 100% Decentralized (DAO Governed)
  • Free To Play / Token mode
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